Real time examination
and diagnostics to improve
clinical effectiveness

Enhanced patient
and doctor experience

and sustainability

Smart model
with the requisite
human touch

Patient centricity

  • Accuracy and ease of accessibility of EHR by a healthcare professional as well as by the patients themselves
  • Real time examination and smart devices make a patient more connected with a doctor and help enhance clinical outcomes
  • Standardised protocols and training help enhance doctor and patiemt experience
  • Better compliance towards follow-up and treatment

Integrated Approach

  • Minimal chances of error: Platform communicates with devices such that all the data is seamlessly transferred without need of typing in.
  • The integrated approach makes this model an effective first line of defence for patient’s primary healthcare needs
  • The integrated approach of technology supported by standardised protocols, training and business Model creation helps the healthcare provider with scalable and sustainable smarthealth delivery


  • Axon SmarthealthTM can help enable multiple care models
  • Axon SmarthealthTM helps enable human touch during the Axon SmartConsultTM process
  • Axon SmarthealthTM model provides flexibility of coexisting with existing technology assets of the care providers

Uniqueness of
Axon SmarthealthTM Model

Why Axon SmartConsultTM is not a tele-consult

Real-time comprehensive diagnostics and examination with connected smart devices

Ease of diagnosis and validation of vitals by certified smart devices

Auto generation of e-prescription and permanent PHR

Medical protocols ensure seamless standardized experience

Enhanced experience owing to high quality standardized training and operating protocols

Paramedic & devices make the consult remarkably close to an in-person consult with the doctor