Case Study

Screening Model

With the current situation with COVID 19, doctors are putting themselves at risk, every time they see a patient. Aptly called corona warriors, the doctors are in the frontline of this battle. With the help of connected devices, Axon SmarthealthTM solution acts as the first line of defence/shield for the doctors.

The COVID situation has brought the primary health care services to a halt. Axon SmarthealthTM platform not only helps the doctors with the COVID screening and patient management but also enables the continuation of primary healthcare delivery to the patients


There are a vast majority of patients who may need to access Primary Care system for their chronic and acute problems which are NOT anywhere related to COVID eg diabetes, hypertensive patients in chronic care or people who are having skin problems, stomach ailments in acute care who are unable to access the healthcare system due to fear of infection. So Axon SmarthealthTM can help governments to execute a remote care model (Smart clinic-based Care/ Homecare)/ Institutional Care) for all such patients in a safe and secure way, while keeping their COVID-19 fight undiluted.

Initial Screening

For all COVID 19 like symptoms patients, Axon SmarthealthTM Platform through the electronic platform can allow Patients to reach out to the Doctors from their homes itself to take an initial consultation

Detailed Screening

Axon SmarthealthTM can help Governments to run detailed screening centers in every locality where a fully geared up Nurse can help Patients to remotely access Doctors thro the Axon Platform and carry out Temperature, Throat and Lungs check through the connected devices so that a etailed screening of Patients could be done. This would allow these centers to further channelize the suspected Patients to go thro a COVID Test through the existing Government approved centers